Chapters in District

Chapter Name & No   Meeting Place   Meeting Dates
St Dunstan No 12   Worcester WR3 8LX   Last Wed Oct, 2nd Wed Jan, 1st Fri May (E)  
St Nicolas No 198   Kings Heath B14 6DT   4th Fri Oct, Jan, 3rd Fri Sept (E)
Gervase Paganel No 316   Stourbridge DY8 1SP   2nd Thur Oct, 3rd Thur Jan & Apl (E)
St Ann of Malvern No 606   Worcester WR3 8LX   4th Fri Sept, 4th Tue Feb, 1st Wed May (E)
Halesowen No 615   Halesowen B63 3LU   1st Mon Mar, Nov (E), 2nd Mon May
St Mary & All Saints No 688   Stourport DY13 9HB   Last Thur Oct, Jan, Last Fri May (E) 
St Francis of Assisi No 711   Kings Heath B14 6DT   4th Sat Sept (E), Jan, Apl
St Edmund, King & Martyr No 730   Halesowen B63 3LU   2nd Tues Dec (E), Mar, May
Breme No 862   Kidderminster,DY10 1TH   2nd Wed May (E), 1st Wed Juney, 1st Wed Sept
Merston Culy No 883   Kings Heath B14 6DT   4th Fri Mar (E)
St Theodore No 887   Worcester WR3 8LX   1st Tue May (E), Nov
Oldswinford No 908   Stourbridge DY8 1SP   1st Thur Dec, Feb, Apl (E)
Bordesley Abbey No 918   Redditch B98 8ER   4th Mon Sept, Jan, Apl (E)
Worcestershire No 970   Worcester & Halesowen   Last Mon Mar (E), 1st Sat Oct
Evesham No 994   Evesham WR11 4PD   4th Thur Mar, 3rd Thur June (E), 3rd Tues Oct
Northfield No 1022   Northfield B31 2JS   2nd Mon Jan, Mar, June (E)
        E = Enthronement