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Thu, 11th May 2023

St. Edmund King & Martyr No. 730

With some 16 members in attendance including the District Recorder the Chapter held their Regular May Meeting at Newfields, Halesowen. 

At the commencement Ill. Bro. Geoff Weston, 31o paid a fitting tribute to the recent Passing of V.Ill. Bro. Dr. H John White, 33o a Past Inspector General of the District and member of the Chapter. The assembled company rose in respect for Departed Merit.

The main items of Business for the meeting was the conduct of the necessary Elections and to receive the normal administrative reports. 

On completion the Chapter was temporarily "Called Off" to receive  a talk Ill. Bro. Godfrey Harper, 31o on some of the historical and religious facts surrounding the Intermediate and 18th Degrees of our Order. This proved to be a very interesting presentation and well received by the members present.

On conclusion the Chapter was "Called On" and the remaining business and 3rd Point were conducted prior to the Chapter Closing. One item raised by the District Recorder during the Second Rising was the now well established inter-visitation taking place betwenn St Ed's and Halesowen Chapter, which has ensured that both Chapters are always able to fill their Offices.

The Brethren then retired to enjoy a very convivial Festive Board. 

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Tue, 9th May 2023

A Week to Remember in the Life of the District.

From the pen of our Inspector General, V:.Ill:.Bro. Dr. Joseph F K Marzouk,FRCS (C/Th), 33o 

The first week in May is always the busiest week in the District Calendar, most especially this year. It included 4 chapter meetings, with a hive of activities, especially in Rainbow Hill, Worcester.

It sadly started with the surrendering of the Warrant of St. Theodore Chapter R.C. No. 887, on the 2nd of May, but happily, a bevy of its members joined St. Ann of Malvern R.C. Chapter No. 606, the following day, which brought the Past I.G. out of his retirement to represent the District and witness the Enthronement of a Past Sovereign of St. Theodore who then proposed 7 brethren of the former as Joining Members of the latter.

On that same night, the 3rd of May, at the nearby Kidderminster Masonic Centre, Breme Chapter, R.C. No. 862 conducted a Perfection and Enthronement Ceremonies, ironically by the members that joined them from Wenceslas Chapter R.C. No. 1114, which handed back the Warrant exactly a year ago. 

 The week then culminated with the Enthronement meeting of the oldest Chapter in the District, St. Dunstan's No. 12, once again meeting at Rainbow Hill in Worcester, where 23 Brethren gathered, including our own IG, the IG for Warwickshire District, V:.Ill:.Bro. Stephen Fowler, the Preceptor of the MRCCI, Ill. Bro. Charles Dyer, and members of his team. The Chapter saw an exemplification of the 2nd Point, which was performed in a perfect manner by the MRCCI Team. It was peppered by a commentary that was very generously consented to by the visiting IG of Warwickshire who was the immediate Past Preceptor of the MRCCI, and was very well received. The explanation of the Jewel and Collar, the Signs, and the Words were perfectly delivered by E&P Bro Phil Abram. The evening, and that busy week, ended with an almost perfect Enthronement Ceremony by the retiring MWS of the new Sovereign, both 18th Degree brethren, the evening ended with a convivial dinner. I can honestly say that the future of the Chapter and the District is bright. 

 The whole of those 4 occasions, though tinged with the sadness of losing one of our Chapters and the news of the passing of Dr. H John White, Past IG between 1997 and 2012, nevertheless the above-mentioned successes brought joy and satisfaction which is appreciated by all.



Fri, 5th May 2023

Breme Chapter No. 862

On Wednesday 3rd May some 19 members, including the District Recorder, met at the Masonic Hall, Kidderminster to conduct a Perfection Ceremony and the Enthronement of the MWS Elect.

Earlier in the day the Chapter had been faced with a difficult situation when the MWS had to withdraw from the meeting due to work pressures.

The Chapter however overcame that difficulty with Ill. Bro. Rob Waldron, 30o agreeing to take the Chair.

The Chapter then held a successful ballot and then Perfected Bro. John Fennell in a very good ceremony.

This was followed by the acting MWS Enthroning the MWS Elect in fine style.

On the Second Risings the District Recorder congratulated the Chapter on the way they had overcome their difficulties and delivered such a successful Perfection and Enthronement.

Following the 3rd Point and closure of the Chapter the brethren retired to enjoy an excellent and convivial Festive Board

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Fri, 5th May 2023

St Ann of Malvern Chapter No. 606

With some 19 members of the Order present, including the Past Inspector General, V:.Ill:.Bro Dr. Richard N Hoare 33o , the Chapter conducted the Enthronement of a recently joined member, Ill. Bro. Maurice Hume, 32o  with the Installing MWS, Ill. Bro. David Barnnett, 30o carrying out the ceremony in an excellent manner.

The Chapter were then delighteed to Propose 7 Joining Members, 5 of whom had applied to join with the newly Installed MWS from St. Theodore Chapter. which had sadly closed the previous evening. 

Following the conducting of the Third point the Chapter closed and the assembled company retired to a very convivial Festive Board.

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Fri, 5th May 2023

Passing of V:.Ill:. Bro. Dr. H. John White, 33*

It is with much sadness that we report the Passing to the Grand Chapter Above of V:.Ill:.Bro Dr. H. John White,33o who passed peacefully yesterday afternoon.

Dr. John was the Inspector General for this District from 1997-2012 and was also Deputy Provincial Grand Master 1986-1993 and Deputy Grand Superintendent, RA, 1984-1993. He held high office in a number of other Orders.

May he now Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory

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Wed, 3rd May 2023

Final Meeting St. Theodore Chapter No. 887

It was with sadness that 7 members of the Chapter and the District Recorder attended The Masonic Hall, Rainbow Hill, Worcester, on Tuesday 2nd May for the Final Meeting of the Chapter.

It was a great surprise and delight for the Chapter to welcome their oldest member and Founder, Ill. Bro. Allan Laidlaw, 32o who is fast approaching his 99th Birthday. He, along with Ill. Bro. Maurice Hume, 32o have been the "Engine Room" of the Chapter for many years and where responsible for the provision of the MWS Standards for both St. Theodore and St. Dunstan Chapters..

The meeting conducted all the necessary procedures to formally close, with Ill Bro. Maurice giving a short history of the Chapter prior to the MWS, Ill. Bro. Keith Layton, 31o surrederig the Warrant to the District Recorder, who in turn thanked the Chapter for its excellent support for the Order in general and to the District in particular over its lifetime.

Of great encouragement was to learn that Ill. Bro. Maurice Hume, 32o who is the MWS Elect for St. Ann of Malvern Chapter; who will be holding their Enthronement Meeting this evening, 3rd May;  where he will Propose 5 Members of St. Theodore as Joining Members of St. Ann.

Following the Third Point the Chapter was closed and retired to enjoy a light buffet provided by the MWS.

It brought to an end 41 years 11 months of service by the Chapter and a convival closure on what had been a sad and solemn occassion.  


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Wed, 26th April 2023

Bordesley Abbey Chapter No 918

9 members and 4 Visitors including the Inspector General V:.Ill:.Bro.Dr Joseph F K Marzouk, 33o met at the Masonic Centre, Easemore Road, Redditch for the Chapters Enthronement Meeting

The MWS welcomed the visitors with special note of thanks to Ill Bro G L Jinks, 31o for stepping in to act as Prelate.

In matters arising from the Minutes, Ill. Bro. Derek Taylor confirmed  that a total of £500 had now been donated to the Craft MCF Festival 2022.

The DC Proclaimed The MWS for a second year in office and he then in turn appointes and invested his Officers.

The Inspector General then presented in his own unique style a Supreme Council Cerificate t to E&P Bro Stephen Moody,  which was extremely well received by the assembled company.

Ill. Bro. Derek Taylor Proposed a Candidate for Perfection.

On the Second Rising the Inspector General raised the forthcoming  KE VII demonstration to take place at the District of Berkshire’s headquarters, Sindlesham on Saturday 1stJuly where he is hopeful that our District will be well represented.

Having Closed the Chapter the MWS was surprised when the Brethren sang Happy Birthday to him.

 A convivia self service dinner was held, with the IPS taking the Chair to allow the MWS to return to his family on such an important occasion.   



Wed, 26th April 2023

St. Francis of Assisi Chapter No. 711

On Saturday 22nd April 12 members and 4 Visitors, including the District Recoreder, attended the Regular Meeting of the Chapter held at Freemasons Hall, Kings Heath.

This Chapter has 3 Inspectors General as members, the Past Inspector General for the District, V:.Ill:.Bro. Dr Richard Hoare, 33o who is the IPS and V:.Ill:. Bros. Dr. Joseph Marzouk, 33o and Stephen Fowler, 33o who are the Inspectors General for Worcestershire and Warwickshire respectively, and the current Chapter Generals.

The main business on the Agenda was to conduct a Ballot for Bro. Nathan Plant, which proved succesful and allowed the Chapter to conduct, under the leadership of the MWS, Ill. Bro. Gerald Jinks, 31o , an excellent Perfection Ceremony.

It was an extremely succesful meeting and was followed by 14 Brethren enjoying a 2 Course Lunch,

At their next meeting in September, which is not only their Enthronement Meeting but will also include the Presentation of a 50 Years of Service in the Order to the Past IG, Dr. Richard Hoare, 33o . The Chapter look forward to welcoming Brethren from across the District and elsewhere to what should be a first class meeting of the Ancient and Accepted Rite.

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Wed, 19th April 2023

Gervase Paganel Chapter No. 316

On Thursday 13th April, just one week following the Meeting of Oldswinford Chapter No 908 at the same centre, some 14 Brethren gathered, including the IG and a reciprocal visit of the members of 908 Chapter, who assisted in filling vacant offices, to witness the Enthronement of an E&P Brother, for the first time in the Chair, which was conducted in an excellent, kind and friendly manner. The IG was yet again delighted to assist by giving the 2 Addresses: to the MWS and to the Chapter respectively. The new Sovereign then conducted the Thirst Point and the Closing in an exemplary manner. The dinner followed at the King Edwards Social club to conclude another delightful A&A Rite celebrations.

Oldswinford Chapter.png

Wed, 19th April 2023

Oldswinford Chapter No. 908

Oldswinford Chapter R.C., No. 908

On Maundy Thursday, some 25 Brethren, including the Inspector General, members of the MRCCI and a bevy of supporters from the sister chapter meeting at the James Webb Masonic Centre, gathered to celebrate the Enthronement of their MWS 9 years following his previous enthronement, in a ceremony which was well conducted by the outgoing E&P Sovereign, which qualifies him for recommendation for HD. The IG once again was delighted to give, alongside the address to the Princes, the additional Address to Chair, being his personal friend and associate in another Order. There followed some banter between the E&P Recorder, the MWS and the IG, all of whom are admirers of Latin, but all in the spirit of the New Commandement of 'Brotherly Love', which continued at a delightful dinner, to conclude a truly Masonic feast. 

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Tue, 28th March 2023

Worcestershire Chapter 970

The Chapter met at Newfields, Halesowen on Monday 27th March with 37 members present including the Inspector General, District Recorder and 2 Visitors to conduct their Annual Enthronement Meeting.

The MWS, Ill. Bro. Maurice A. Hume, 32o with the assistance of the Inspector General carried out an excellent ceremony Enthroning of Ill. Bro. Gerald L. Jinks, 31o  who appointed and invested his officers.

On completion of the 3rd point the Chapter was formally closed but then received a paper, which had previously been delivered some 30 years previously entitled "Cycling through the Holy Land" by Ill. Bro. John Yeates, 31o . A charity ride he had conducted with his wife and others. His erudite, anecdotal and humourous delivery was very well received and when he produced a number of memorial mugs from that trip he was rewarded with a Charity donation of £250 being awarded to the Charity.

The Festive Board brought to an end an excellent evening of Rose Croix masonry. 

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Tue, 28th March 2023

Merston Culy Chapter No 883

The Chapter met on Friday 25th March with some 15 Brethren in attendance, including the Inspector General, who is a member, and 2 visitors, a guest Organist and a Deputy Preceptor of the MRCCI. It was the Enthronement meeting of the Chapter.

Sadly the previously elected 91-year old Sovereign to be was taken ill earlier in the year and had to step back and have since resigned. 

 The Second General stepped in the breach and by dispensation was elected and Enthroned at the same meeting. Interestingly, he is still an E&P Brother and was Enthroned by another E&P Brother to help him qualify for his promotion to the 30th Degree.

The Chapter will therefore, soon have 2 brothers recommended to the HD.

After the meeting 14 Brethren refracted to a pleasant and convivial dinner. 


Sun, 26th March 2023

Evesham Chapter No. 994

The Chapter held its first Regular Meeting of 2023 with some 13 members present, including 1 Visitor.

The Chapter were delighted to finally give a warm welcome to Ill. Bro. Charles Dyer, 31o who had been elected as a member some 2 years previously.

With no Candidate available the MWS conducted a rehearsal of the 2nd Point which concluded with the 2nd General presenting the Collar, Jewel and signs.

On completion of the 3rd Point and Closing of the Chapter, the members moved to an informal Festive Board, where they entertained 3 members of the Craft to a very good 3 course meal and the District Recorder gave a brief description of the history of the Order in general and presented each of them with the District Rose Croix pamphlet.

The image shows a "Pelican in it's Piety" which is carved into the stonework of All Saints Church, which is the Anglican church in the centre of Evesham built by the Benedictine monks of Evesham Abbey in the 12th Century.


Thu, 16th March 2023

Northfield Chapter No. 1022

The Chapter held their Regular Meeting at Northfield Masonic Centre on Monday 13th March with some 16 members of the Order present including the Inspector General and support from 8 visitors, mainly from St. Nicolas Chapter No. 198, one of whom, Ill. Bro. Steve Middleditch, 31o acted as 2nd General and Gervase Paganel Chapter No 316,  one of whom, Ill. Bro. Gordon Stacey, 30o acted as Raphael.

After a period of "drought" the Chapter were delighted to be able to conducy a Perfection Ceremony for W. Bro. Chris Overall. The members of the Chapter did a good job, Ill Bro. Brian Harper,30o conferred the Intermediate Degrees to a very high standard, and Ill. Bro. Leo Brown, 30o excelled in explaining the Collar and Jewel and expertly exchanged the Signs and Words. The MWS, E & P Bro. John Prichard, 18o conducted all of the 1st & 2nd Points.  The Inspector General was pleased to dub the Accolade. 

All in all, it was a good ceremony and, most importantly the Candidate enjoyed it.

At their next meeting they will have another E & P Brother to Enthrone.

The evening was concluded with a hearty and convivial dinne

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Thu, 16th March 2023

St. Edmund King & Martyr Chapter No. 730

The Chapter held their Regular Meeting at Newfields, Halesowen on Tuesday 14th March with a "Bakers Dozen" of members present, including the District Recorder and a good contingent from Halesowen Chapter. Thus proving the value of inter-visitation and the bond of friendship so hightly prized in this Order.

This allowed the MWS to request assistance from the Visitors bench which, as always happens, proved highly beneficial and adds to the pareticipants enjoyment..

Without a Candidate the Most Wise Sovereign, Ill. Bro. Mike Cummings, 30o with a volunteer candidate, conducted a demonstration/rehearsal of the 2nd Point to a very hight standard, requesting the DR to conduct the Accolade. The MWS then went on to present the Collar, Jewel and Signs to a very good standard.  

On conducting the 3rd Point the elements were fully presented, giving the individual the option of either partaking or symbolically partaking.

On closure the assembled company retired to enjoy a very pleasant Festive Board and all was completed by 20:50hrs. 


Tue, 7th March 2023

Halesowen Chapter No. 615


The Chapter held its Regular meeting on Monday 6th March at Newfields, Halesowen with 18 members of the Order, including the Inspector General, present to enjoy an evening of Rose Croix Masonry, which included the Inspector General presenting a Supreme Counicl Certificate to E & P Bro, Steven Rowley, 18 followed by his presntation of "The Significance of the Number 33".

One of his lectures which are always very well received and provide both an educational and thought provoking stimulus for the assembled company.

On completion of the Third Point the Brethren retired to enjoy a convivial Festive Board. 




Mon, 30th January 2023

St. Francic of Assisi Chapter No. 711

On Saturday 28th January the Chapter held its Regular Meeting at Freemasons Hall, Kings Heath and enjoyed a meeting which certainly provided athe requisite "Daily Advancement in Masonic Knowledge",

It commenced with the First General, V.:.Ill:.Bro. S. W. Fowler,33o Inspector General for the District of Warwickshire, giving a very fitting Eulogy for Ill. Bro. Francis Jephcott, 32o . On completion of this he presented E&P Bro. R. Pinner, 18o with his Supreme Council Certificate. 

This was followed by the MWS presenting the Intermediate Degrees to a very good standard. Ably supported by V:.Ill:.Bro. Dr. R. N. Hoare, 33o , the Past Inspector General for Worcestershire as the IPS..

The Chapter then successfully Balloted for and receiving 2 new members, Ill. Bro. G. Stacey, 30o and E & P Bro. K. Parkes, 18o .

Then came a most intriguing and informatove talk from the 2nd General, V:,Ill:.Bro. Dr. J. F. K. Marzouk,33o , the Inspector General for Worcestershire on the elements comprising the Intermediate Degrees. The Table, Red Cloth, Holy Bible. the Sword, The Words and the Knocks. It certainly provided a great deal of food for thought.

On comp[letion of the Meeting the members retired to enjoy a most enjoyable Lunch.

Their next Meeting is in April and then, at their meeting in September V:.Ill:.Bro.Dr. Richard N Hoare, 33o will receive his 50 years of Service Certificate to the Ancient & Accepted Rite. A date for the diary now!

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Mon, 30th January 2023

St. Mary & All Saints Chapter No. 688

On Thursady 26th January the Chapter held its Regular Meeting at Stourport with 16 Members present including the District Recorder.

The main item on the Agenda was to receive a Presentation of the Intermediate Degrees which was superbly conducted by Ill. Bro. C.G.N. Hart, 30o . this was followed by the MWS declaring the MWS and Treasurer for the forthcoming year.

Following the Closure of the Chapter 13 members retired to enjoy a most convivial Festive Board.


Thu, 26th January 2023

Bordesley Abbey Chapter No. 918

On Monday 23rd January some 8 Members of the Chapter and 5 Visitors, including the District Recorder and Preceptor of the MRCCI, met at Redditch Masonic Hall for the first Regular Meeting since their Enthronement. last September. Unfortunately due to work commitments, the MWS, who received his 30o at the beginning of January for his past service in Temple Balsall Chapter, was unable to be present and the IPS, Ill. Bro. Tony Parkes, 30o took the Chair. 

Due to resignations and sickness the Visitors were actively engaged in taking Office as IPS. Prelate and Raphael.

A Perfection Ceremony was then very well conducted by members of the Chapter and Visitors to welcome Bro. Stephen Moody as a Member of our Order. 

Sadlky, as mentioned, the Chapter has suffered 5 resignations, 1 exclusion and 3 members are currently on the sick list.

These circumstances clearly show that the support of Visitors and the MRCCI really are beneficial especially where there are Candidates for Perfection.


Sat, 21st January 2023

Gervase Paganel No. 316 - Long awaited Perfection

On Thursday 19th of January some 14 Brethren, 7 Members and 7 visitors, including the Inspector General and a Deputy Preceptor of the MRCCI from Staffordshire & Shropshire District, Ill. Bro Andrew Beckingsale, 31st degree who will be promoted to 32nd on 6th June, gathered at The James S. Webb Freemasonry Centre in Stourbridge to witness the Perfection of a new member, now E&P Bro Robert Crew, as the first to join the Chapter in the new home and after many dry years. 


The Ceremony was delightful and all Points were expertly performed by the members of the Chapter ably supported by 2 Visitors. At the conclusion, the retirement procession was enhanced by the joy and exultation of the nunc dimittis which was chanted with gusto and led by the MWS Ill Bro Michael Simpson. The evening concluded with an equally delightful Festive Board at the Old Edwardian Club. It is hoped that this heralds a renewed vigour of the 3rd oldest Chapter in the District.


Obituary (2).jpg

Fri, 13th January 2023

Passing to "The Grand Chapter Above"

It is with much sadness that we report "The Passing to the Grand Chapter Above" of Ill. Bro. Francis Jephcott, MBE, 32o at the age of 96. An Honorary Member of St. Francis of Assisi Chapter No. 711. A Past Senior Grand Deacon of the United Grand Lodge of England and a Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Warwickshire.

We send our heartfelt condolences to his widow Marion and the family.

May he now Rest in Peacer and Rise in Glory.

St Dunstan.jpg

Thu, 12th January 2023

St. Dunstan Chapter No. 12

The Regular Meeting of the Chapter was held on Wednesday 11th January at Rainbow Hill with some 26 Members of the Order, including the District Recorder in attendance.

The main items of business were to Perfect Dennis Hunt, a Master Mason of Internet Lodge No. 9659, East Lancashire and who resides in West Germany. The Ceremony was very well conducted by the Chapter.

In addition Ill. Bro. Dr. Allan Laidlaw, 32o was Elected as a Joining Member and E&P Bro. William Tucker, 18o was Elected as the MWS for the following year and due for Enthronement in May.

There was also a Presentation of 3 Swords to the Chapter by Ill. Bro. Maurice Hume, 32o celebrating his 69 years in Freemasonry. A wonderful gesture.

On completion 24 Members retired to enjoy a very convival Festive Board which concluded another excellent evening of Rose Croix Masonry. 


Thu, 12th January 2023

Higher Degrees Meeting 9th January 2023

11 Members of the District, including the Inspector General and the District Recorder attended the Grand East on Monday 9th January to witness the much delayed Investiture of Ill. Bro's Michael Baxendale and Barry Fitzgerald to the 31st Degree, and where Michael Baxendale had the honour of acting as the Representative Candidate.

This was followed by Ill. Bro's David Barrnett, Del Padmore and Rob Waldron being Invested and Promoted to the 30th Degree.

Our sincere Congratulations go to them all.

9 members once again took advantage of travelling by mini-coach, which ensured that a full day was thoroughly enjoyed in each others company.   

St. Kenelm

Mon, 5th December 2022

St. Kenelm Chapter No. 876

Saturday 3rd December proved to be a very sad day for the Chapter when some 6 members, supported by the District Recorder, met at Freemasons Hall, Kings Heath for the last time.

It was with great regret but with due cause that the Chapter had no option other than to Surrender it's Warrant after some forty two and a half years of dedicated service to both the Order in General and the District in particular.

The Senior Past Sovereign, Ill. Bro. M. D. Cox, 31o who was Perfected into the Chapter in 1985, gave a very fitting history, before the MWS handed the Warrant to the District Recorder.

He in turn said how sad but understanable it was that the Chapter had no option other than to close and thanked the members for their firm support of the Order  and their valuable contribution to the District of Worcestershire in particular. He added that he sincerely hoped that the members remaining both within the District and those who had now left the area, would find suitable Chapters to join to ensure their continued membership in our beautiful Christian Order.

Following the Third Point, the meeting closed and the members departed in peace..


Mon, 5th December 2022

Oldswinford Chapter No. 908

On Thursday 1st December, some 21 Members of the Order, including the Inspector General and District Recorder, met at The James S Webb Freemasonry Centre in Stourbridge for their first Regular Meeting since Enthronement.

The Inspector General, V:.Ill. Bro. Dr. Joseph F K Marzouk, 33o was invited to present Supreme Council Certificates to E & P Brothers J. K. Baldwin and T. M. L. Jones which he conducted with a full and very interesting historical background on the foundation and development of the Rite.

On completion the MWS, E&P Bro. M. Baylis conducted the explanation of the Collar, Jewel and Signs of the 18o . 

In responding to the Second Rising the Inspector General  congratulated Ill. Bro. Graham Perkins on his recent Promotion to the 32o and the District Recorder had pleasure in proposing his toast at the very enjoyable Festive Board which followed.

With a number of Visitors attending it proved once again to be a very enjoyable evening celebrating membershiop of this beautiful Christian Order.


Thu, 1st December 2022

District Visit to Supreme Council 29/11/2022

On Tuesday 29th November 11 Members of the District, including the Inspector General.Past Inspector General, District Recorder, 4 Visitors and the 3 Candidates for Investiture attended Supreme Council for the HIgher Degree Meeting of the 30 

The majority travelled by mini-coach in great comfort and were entertained to a light lunch by the Past Inspector General, Dr. Richard Hoare, 33o at the Cavendish Hotel.

The ceremony for 47 Candidates, including our own now Ill. Bro's Barry Benge, Andrew Philpott and Robert Vaughan was, as always, extremely well conducted by the Members of the Supreme Council and we send our sincere congratulations to our newly honoured members.

On conclusion of the meeting we retired to Mark Masons Hall to enjoy an excellent Festive Board concluding with the majority of us reboarding the coach and returning home having enjoyed an excellent day of Ancient and Accepted Rite Freemasonry.