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Sun, 3rd December 2023

Superb Saints Day Celebration

On our Order's Saints Day, St. Andrews Day, Thursday 30th November, the Inspector General Designate in Charge, in company with the District Recorder and Ill. Bro. Maurice Hume, 32o visited our Districts Nonogenarian, Ill. Bro. Allan Laidlaw, 32o to present Allan with his 50 Years of Service Certificate to the Ancient and Accpeted Rite, at his Residential Care Home, Fernhill House.


Ill. Bro's Allan and Maurice were Founders of St. Theodore Chapter No. 887 and formerly, and since that Chapter's Closure, returned to their original Chapter, St. Ann of Malvern, No. 606. the Cahpter in which Allan was Perfected.

Ill Bro's Allan and Maurice were also responsible, with the guidance and assistance of the Past Inspector General, V, Ill, Bro, Dr, Richard N, Hoare,33o, in producing the MWS Banners for St. Dunstan and St. Theodore Chapters and with the Districts help then dedicated at a special ceremony conducted by the then Grand Prelate, Revd.Dr. John Railton,33o 

It was an excellent afternoon where the Care Home staff could not have been more helpful.

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Sun, 19th November 2023

Recent Chapter Evente within the District

Their have been 3 Chapters Meetinbg in the last few weeks.

1. St Dunstan Chapter - Held a Regular Meeting on Wednesday 25th October at Rainbow Hill with some 19 members of the Order in attendance.

After Opening the Chapter the District Recorder gave a Eulogy in respect of Ill. Bro. W. A. B. Sherlock, 32o who had only recently become a member of the Chapter and due to ill health had not had the opportunity to attend a meeting.

2. Halesowen Chapter - On Monday 6th Novemeber the Chapter held their Enthronement Meeting which saw Ill. Bro. Godfrey Harper, 31o once again Enthroned into a Rose Croix Chapter Chair. The ceremony was well conducted and the support given by members of St. Edmund Kind and Martyr Chaper ensured that all offices were filled.

Following the Third point the brethren retired to enjoy a very convivial meal.

3. St. Edmund KIng & Martyr Chapter - On Tuesday 14th November the Chapter were pleased to welcome the former District Recorder, Ill. Bro. Ian Fothergill, 32o  in his new position as Inspector General Designate in Charge to witness the Enthronement of Ill. Bro. Paul Woodward, 30o once into the Chair of the Chapter. Ill. Bro. Paul has shown true grit and determination in taking on this task for another year given his medical condition but his determination has enthused the members of the Chapter to give hi, their whole hearted support. 

Once again the inter-visitation that takes place between Halesowen and St. Ed's ensured that every Office was filled and assisted in ensuring that avery good ceremony could take place.

On completion of the Third Point the brethren retired to enjoy a very good dinner which brought to an end an excellent evening of Rose Croix Masonry.



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Sun, 12th November 2023

New News Item

Brethren all,

May I please request that the members of the Order in the District of Worcestershire use my E Mail address for communication known to you all in regard to comments, rather than the Guestbook, following the announcement from Supreme Council 33o issued on Friday 10th November and the Letter of Resignation from our Inspector General sent out today and dated 11th November.

Arrangements are being made to hold a further meeting following last night's Zoom to fully explain What and Why changes to our membership requirements and ritoal are being introduced. Ian M Fothergill, 31o,District Recorder, Worcestershire

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Sun, 22nd October 2023

Exceptional Event at Evesham Chapter No. 994

On Thursday 19th October some 29 members of the Order met at Swan Lane, Evesham to celebrate their 100th Meeting.

They were delighted to welcome one of their Founders, Ill. Bro. Malcolm Wilson, 30o and one of their Honorary Members, V:.Bro. Dr. Richard N Hoarem 33o the Past Inspector General for the District,

The meeting then witnessed the Perfection of Bro. Trevor McMillan, which was conducted to a very high standard, on completion of which the District Recorder presented a Enthronement Certificate to E&P Bro. Stan Brotherton, 18o the MWS.

On completion of the Third Point and closure of the Chapter the brethren retired to enjoy a very well presented, enjoyable and convivial meal to conclude an excellent evening of Rose Croix Freemasonry.

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Thu, 5th October 2023

Ill. Bro. Allan Jinks, 31*

It is with great sadness that we report the Passing to the Grand Chapter Above of Ill. Bro. Allan Jinks, 31o aged 95,on Wednesday 4th October following a long and debilitating illness.

Ill.Bro. Allan was well known throughout the District and was a very proud holder of a 50 Year Certiciate for services rendered to the Ancient and Accepted Rite.

To his wife Elizabeth, brother Gerry, 31o nephew Simon, 30o and all the family we send our heartfelt condoleces.

May he Rest in Peace & Rise in Glory

32 Degree

Thu, 28th September 2023

Promotion to the 32nd Degree

On Saturday 23rd September the Inspector General announced that Ill. Bro. Vivian Fogarty, 31o has been notified that he is to be Promoted to the 32o and Invested at the Higher Degrees Meeting in January along with Ill. Bro. Charles Dyer 31o.

The District offers its Congratulations to Ill. Bro. Vivian.

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Mon, 25th September 2023

Super Saturday at St. Francis of Assisi Chapter No. 711

On Saturday 23rd September some 60 memebers of the Order met at Freemasons Hall, Kings Heath for a very special meeting/

The Chapter were honoured to welcome the M:.Ill:.Bro. Nicholas Bosanquet, 33o , the Grand Chancellor escorted by 4 Visiting Inspectors General, 3 District Recorders and of course their own 3 Inspectors General who are members of the Chapter and the District Recorder,

The meeting commenced with the Grand Chancellor presenting a Supreme Council Certificate to E & P Bro Nathan Plant,18o followed by the Proclamation of Ill:.Bro Gerald Jinks, 31o as MWS for the ensuing year who then appointed and invested his Officers.

There then followed the focal point of the meeting. The Presentation of a 50 years of Service to the Ancient & Accepted Rite to Dr, Nicholas N. Hoare, 33o the Past Inspector General for the District of Worcestershire and the second Candidate to be Perfected into the Order on 27/9/1973.

The presentation commenced with a brief resume of Richard's life by the District Recorder and then the formal presentation of the Certficate by the Grand Chancellor. This was greeted with much acclaim.

There then followed a brief paper given by the Chapter Recorder on the life of St. Francis which was followed by the Visiting members and members of the Chapter conducting the 3rd point, led by the Grand Chancellor.

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Wed, 20th September 2023

Higher Degrees Meeting 18/09/2023

On Monday 18th September some 15 Members of the District set off by coach from Henley in Arden to attend the Higher Degrees Meeting at The Grand East.

The District Recorder had arranged the coach to drop the party off at Mark Masons Hall, where we were met by the Inspector General, and we then went to the Duke of Connaught Room for a very good Soup and Sandwich Lunch before walking to No. 10 Duke Street for the 30o Investiture Ceremony, 

We offer our sincere Congratulations to the 5 Members of our District. Ill. Bro's Baylis, Hadden, Parrack, Pritchard and Snape who received their well deserved promotions.

On completion we returned to Mark Masons Hall for a very good Dinner before departing on the coach back home.

Reports from those participating suggest it was a most enjoyable day. 


Mon, 11th September 2023

Car Parking at Stourbridge

Brethren please note THAT WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT - 


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Sun, 10th September 2023

District Seminar

On Thursday 7th September some 27 members together with the Inspector General and District Recorder met at the Masonic Hall, Halesowen for the Annual Seminar.

This event is designed to encourage every Chapter to send representation to be updated on what is happening within the District and to ask them to provide an appraisal of their own position covering the last Masonic Year and looking forward to their future plans.

One of the most disturbing elements this year was the number of Resignations, 26 of which have arisen from the Surrender of Warrants by St. Kenelm and St. Theodore Chapters. It is hoped that a major Recovery operation will take place to encourage them to Join other Chapters in the District.

With very comprehensive reports from each individual Chapter it was agreed that in an effort to boost recruitment the District provides a Personal "Callin Card" to encourage a face to face approach to prospective Candidates and leaving them with a brief outline of the Order and the name and contact details of those giving out the card.

Once again it proved to be a very successful evening.


Sun, 10th September 2023

Breme Chapter No. 862

On Wednesday 6th September the Chapter held its last meeting ot its own Calendar year but the first of the 2023/4 season at the newly renamed Freemasons Hall.

Thanks to the air conditioning in the Temple the attendance of 99% of its members was a tribute to this small Chapter's enthusiasm. Indeed it would have been 100% had the final member not been stuck in heavy traffic tring to exit London. With 4 Visitors includoing the District Recorder and the newest Deputy Preceptor of the MRCCI, Ill. Bro. Lindsay "Taff" Hill, it proved to be a very good evening witnessing the Annual Elections, which saw E & P Bro. Richard Noakes, 18o once again being elected as MWS. This was followed by the delivery of an excellent paper originally written by Brig. A. C. F. Jackson describing the meaning of the Third Point.

On completion of the meeting the members moved from the benefit of an air conditioned Temple to a very warm Dining Room to enjoy the challenge of Stilton & Brocolli Soup, Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas and Profiteroles. The challenge was very well dealt with but in shirt sleeve order.

A very enjoyable evening of Rose Croix Masonry


Sun, 10th September 2023

St, Nicolas Chapter No. 198

On Friday 1st September the Chapter held its Enthronement Meeting at Freemasons Hall, Kings Heath.

This saw Ill. Bro. Cliff Johnson, 30o once again Installed into the Chair. Unfortunately neither the Inspector General or District Recorder attend due to other Masonic Commitments.

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Sat, 8th July 2023

Passing of Ill:.Bro. W. A. B. Sherlock, 32*

It is wirth much sadness that we report the Passing to the "Grand Chapter Above" of Ill. Bro.W.A/B (Bill) Sherlock 32o . Bill was a well known character within the District and played the organ for several units in a number of Orders. 

He was Perfected in St. Nicolas Chapter No. 198 in 1973 and Promoted to the 30o in 1986, the 31o in 1986 and finally to the 32 in December 2019.

Bill was a committed Freemason and will be sorely missed. 

May he now rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.


Sat, 8th July 2023

Breme Chapter Regular Meeting

On the 5th of July 2023, Breme Chapter No. 862 held its summer meeting in the Kidderminster Masonic Rooms. There were 80% of the members of the Chapter in attendance covering all their respective Offices, in addition 5 guests including the Inspector General to witness a perfect Ritual in the Opening, the Third Point and in the Closing by the MWS.

The main items of the Agenda were to demonstrate the presentation of the Collar, Jewel and the Signs by the First General 18th Degree, in order to ascertain a complete set for the qualification for promotion, and to present 2 SC Certificates, one to the MWS (a rare use of Rule 33) and the other to their newest Perfectee, which was not only done in extenso but was also further embellished with detailed information.

The IG took the opportunity of the available time to remind the Brethren, in a sincere and gentle way, with few items of instructions from Supreme Council and his own pet subjects, e.g. the MWS should be addressed with his full Title and not just 'Most Wise'the careful attention, at the Third Point, to the pronounciation of the Sacred Name: 'Emanual', and to hold the 3rd Sign until the Goblet is sequentially handed over.

The evening was concluded with a hearty 'Dinner', and once again the Brethren were reminded that SC do not use the expression Festive Board and that the Fire should be 'spoken only by the Brother proposing the Toast', and not the D.C. 

All in all it was a feast of A&A Masonic treat in Ritual and Instruction.


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Sat, 8th July 2023

KEVII CoI Demonstration

Saturday 1st July was a beautiful sunny day when 12 members of the District and the Inspector General went to the Berkshire Masonic Centre at Sindlesham to witness the KEVII demonstration of the 15th and 16th Degrees.

We were very warmly welcomed by the Inspector General and Officers of the District of Berkshire and able to enjoy tea/coffee and biscuits and obtain bacon & sausdage rolls at the bar before donning our regalia and entering the main Temple.

The KEVII team then expertly presented the 15th Degree - Knight of the East and 16th Degree - Prince of Jerusalem in front of a full temple and on conclusion the assembled Brethren retired to the Refectory for an excellent 2 course dinner.

All who attended thoroughly enjoyed the occassion and are looking forward to next year when the District host the demonstratiion team who will conduct the 17th Degree.

This is not a meeting to miss and details will be promulgated once everything is confirmed.


Thu, 29th June 2023

Another Successful Sunday Lunch for Halesowen Chapter

On Sunday 25th June some 54 members, partners, family and guests were once again treated to an excellent Sunday Lunch organised by Halesowen Rose Croix Chapter.

The focus of the lunch was on an excellent talk given by John Chapman featuring "The Girls of Bletchley Park" and where once again we were delighted to welcome Mrs Betty Webb, MBE, a remarkable 100 year old lady who played a significant part in the Bletchley success.

Many will know of Bletchley through the Enigma Machine.



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Fri, 23rd June 2023

Evesham Chapter No. 994

On Thursday 15th June some 18 members of the Order met at Eveshamn Masonic Hall for the Annual Enthronement Ceremony. Unusually, given that this meeting is always combined with an Asparagus Supper the attendance this year was small but had the pleasure of welcoming the V:.Ill:. Inspector General, Dr. Joseph F K Marzouk, 33o and the Past Inspector General V:.Ill:. Bro. Dr. Richard N Hoare, 33o who were escorted into the Temple by the DC who is also the District Recorder.

The Enthronement Ceremony was very well conducted by the MWS E&P Bro. Mike Hadden, 18o and the incoming MWS, E&P Bro. Stan Brotherton,18o took to the Chair like the proverbial "duck to water" and appointed and invested his Officers. The Inspector General gave the address to the MWS, the District Recorder the Address to the Brethren and the Past Inspector General conducted the Third Point. The District thereby providing its pledged full support to the Chapter.

On Closing the Brethren retired to the Festive Board to enjoy a very good meal with trays of Vale of Evesham Gras to complement the Roast Gammon and cider and cream sauce. 

Responding to his Toast the Inspector General remarked on how good it was to see so many 18o Collars in the meeting and was delighted to hear that there are at least 4 Candidates in the pipeline.

The next meeting on 26th October will be the Chapter's 100th Meeting and will be both a Perfection and Centenary Celebration 


Fri, 23rd June 2023

Northfield Chapter No. 1022

On Monday 12th June the Chapter held its Enthronement Meeting at Northfield Masonic Hall with some 21 Members of the Order present including the District Recorder.

Once the Chapter was Opened the District Recorder gave the Eulogy for V:.Ill:.Bro. Dr. H. John White, 33o Past Inspector general for the District and the Brethren stood to Order in memory of departed Merit.

The Enthronement Ceremony was then conducted in a very good manner by E&P. Bro. John Pritchard, 18o and E&P. Bro. Roy Mulgrue, 18o finally installed after many years.

The MWS then appointed and invested his Officers and the address to the Chapter given by the District Recorder.

On Completionb of the Third Point and Closing of the Chapter the Brethren retired to the Refectory to enjoy the usual excellent meal provided by the Northfield Caterers.

There is no doubt that with the excellent Visitor support the Chapter enjoyed a very good evening of Rose Croix Masonry.